As a National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach, I partner with my clients to Tip the scale (and sometimes the glass) in favor of helping others find the right balance between HEALTH and HAPPINESS!

Consistency & Balance

Together we can embark on a journey where where you become the happiest and healthiest version of you, while still being allowed to indulge in the things that bring you joy.

Virtual Coaching Packages

Email to Schedule a Free Online Consultation and we’ll help determine what success looks like for you and what package will best get you there. All sessions are virtual for your convenience.

Jump Start - $300.00
Three months, bi-weekly 45 min Zoom Calls each month

Feeling like it's time to whip out the jumper cables and completely RECHARGE your health and wellness journey? It's time to commit to accountability! Let’s explore and dig deeper into your habits, goals, and priorities. 

A Healthy Lifestyle - $600.00
Six months, bi-weekly 45 min Zoom Calls each month

This is your best option if you’re 100% committed to a healthy lifestyle. Pure dedication, accountability, and commitment. You’ll learn how to turn bad habits into good habits, ditch excuses and build a growth mindset.

Want to Schedule a Health & Wellness Seminar?  

Do you have Employees, Co-workers or Friends who you think would enjoy a fun evening of discovering ways to better their overall Health and Wellness? If so, let's schedule a call and further discuss details about how you can create this unique & fun experience. 

About Brittney

In 2015, I completed my military enlistment and began a new journey to becoming a Personal Trainer and a Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach with advanced studies in integrative nutrition, gut & hormone health and emotional eating. 

I am a Health and Wellness Coach who believes that "One Size DOES NOT Fit All". It is my passion partnering with clients to find their unique journey to health and wellness. I am a true believer that Health & Wellness goes so much deeper than the basic cookie-cutter approach. Helping clients discover and implement an approach that leaves them feeling accomplished, proud, and determined is my #1 goal. As someone who loves to travel, indulge in all the yummy food experiences and sip on a good cabernet sauvignon, I also realize the need for Balance & Consistency, in order to achieve the best results. 

National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, & Certified Personal Trainer

Good nutrition and developing healthy habits are essential to meeting your overall Health & Wellness goals.